Kat Kimball has honed her talents underground, with many years of nightly murder mystery diner theater in cities you’ve never heard of - dirty little improv and standup shows, and grinding stage work pounding the boards. Sounds rough? You bet. And this remains to this day some of her favorite work. Sure, Kat doesn’t have a resume with any A list Directors -yet. Kat grew up doing community theatre, singing in the Oregon Children’s Choir, and fronting a working cover band. In other words, Performance is in her blood and soul. She memorizes long scripts in minutes, and is reliable on set. The rougher the better. Bring it on. She is an award winning equestrian, competing on her beloved “Robert Redford” in both Western and English styles. “Rendezvous”, the lazy one, was reserved for bareback and trail riding. Kat is also a talented skier, and motorcyclist, with a couple neat scars to prove it. Her life experience will bring depth and context to your projects. Email her now: